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Welcome to my journey!

My name is Alejandra but you can call me Ale.

I grew up in the Bay Area and lived most of my life in a small town called HALF MOON BAY.

My passion for health started as a young athlete, I am a State Championship Cross-County and track runner. I played basketball, soccer, attempted volleyball, but my heart led me to health and fitness. I've continued to develop my passion for health and fitness as a personal trainer.  I am NCSF, TRX, CPR certified and I am an Intern to become a Posture expert with the mentor ship of Aaron Parnell. My Vision is to inspire and motivate  busy moms to maintain a healthy lifestyle by improving their posture and guide them with nutrition. 


Here is my story and why I am so passionate about Health and Fitness.

Youth, Speed—and Laxatives

I have not felt happy with my body since my college days in Track and Field, when I would constantly be burning calories and eat whatever I wanted, without gaining weight.  Being young and constantly on the move made me less aware of a longstanding digestive problem that I was self-medicating, with laxatives. Then, life caught up with me.


Digestion Distress

After college, it seemed that, no matter what I consumed, I felt pain and bloating with really bad belching. I tried numerous diets, including the Keto diet.  I faced anxiety and depression. In frustration, I went to a colon hydrotherapy specialist, because I thought maybe something was stuck inside my gut.  Nothing improved.  I spoke to my grandmother about this, and she affirmed that I have had problems with my digestion, and she knew about the laxatives I would take for temporary relief, since I was young.

Every time I got a “flare”, it would take up 4 hours to a day for me to recover, but the bloating would never go away.


High Acid and Hopeless

I later went to a gastroenterology specialist and took a standard food intolerance test.  The results were negative on everything, including dairy. The doctors identified high acid profiles in my diet, and I was told to avoid acidic foods, but nothing else. I followed their diet, but nothing seemed to work. I was so confused and frustrated. :(


Mystery Solved—By Medicine Dharma’s Dynamic Duo

Just a few months ago, I went to Dr. Jack, owner of Medicine Dharma, at The Vitality Center of San Mateo.  A Licensed Acupuncturist with an emphasis on nutrition, he gave me a different blood test that showed due to my genetics, I am “sensitive”, but not intolerant to dairy. No wonder the answer did not show up on the results from usual test performed by the GI specialist. 


Discovering My Dharma

Inspired by Dr. Jack and his colleague Dr. Yeung, I started learning the science behind nutrition. From them, I have learned that continued use of laxatives can result in long term health issues. My poor immune system has been weak with this for a while now.  Finally, all the symptoms make sense. After years of mystery and disappointment, I received the clarity I needed.


Now I want to share my clarity with you. 

Allow me to support YOU on your journey to a nutrition plan that will serve your needs.


From Doubt to Deliciousness Without Diets—You and Me Together

I finally have the peace of mind that I can eat the delicious foods I like.   I am finally seeing my tummy get leaner without being on any diet. It is going to take a while for my digestive system to completely reboot.


This is Your Moment—Let’s Do This

Let’s work together to create YOUR personal long term solution.  You will be happy with your body and accept who you are, with how your body is, at your best.

Now is the time to Improve the image you see when you look in the mirror and learn how to be more in tune with your body, with natural way to weight-loss. 


I am excited to continue working with my clients and look forward to helping you create a healthy and fit lifestyle!


Follow my journey and let me help you start yours!!!

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